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Exposing the Dangers of Taxpayer Funded Pretrial Release

Man out on Personal Bond, No Show at Court for Sentencing on Intoxicated Manslaughter Charge

Austin, Travis County, Texas On August 25th, 2018 Oscar Benitez-Patino was taken to the hospital after a rollover vehicle crash on Highway 71. The passenger in his vehicle was pronounced deceased at the scene. According to the affidavit:   There were a number of scrape marks and other indications of the path of travel of…
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Man Out on Personal Bond Kills his Girlfriend’s Dad

Austin, Travis County, Texas   Jaime Apodaca was arrested late on Christmas night for Tampering with Evidence (Felony) and Evading Arrest/Detention. According to the affidavit the police were called to an apartment complex due to shots being fired. Upon the police arriving they made contact with a female that said she had fired the shots…
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Bus Driver Accused of Sexual Assault of a 5 year old, Free to Go!

Austin, Travis County, Texas   Cesar Maldonado was arrested for Continous Sexual Abuse of Young Child last August and was quickly released from Travis County Jail on Personal Bond. The Travis County District Attorney objected to his release and Cesar had already admitted to what he had done, but one of the Magistrate Judges thought…
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Bail Reform and the Poor: Why the Truth Might Surprise You

Behind the Paper with Brian Nairin There is “one fact” out there that public sector pretrial proponents don’t want anyone to know.  And that fact is that the poor don’t really languish away in jail because of the bail bond industry. Why don’t they want anyone to know? Because that one piece of information completely discredits…
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LETTER: Bail Reform – Texas on My Mind

Bail Reform: Texas on My Mind Contribution by Eric Granof, VP for AIA Surety Earlier this week I received an interesting email from a colleague. The email contained a link to a brand new March 2017 study out of Texas A&M University’s Public Policy Institute. As with most documents over 100 pages, I decided, probably like…
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Letter: Do New Jersey’s new government bail computers actually work?

Public should know how bail decisions made By Jeff Clayton, American Bail Coalition  New Jersey’s long-awaited bail reform laws finally kicked in on January 1, making it the first state to move to what is called a risk-based system. It works by utilizing government-operated computers running analytical software to supposedly predict whether a criminal defendant…
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