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Exposing the Dangers of Taxpayer Funded Pretrial Release

Bail Reform and Cops: "If you can't trust a Cop, who can you trust?"

In case you haven’t heard, New Jersey implemented their version of bail reform in the form of the Criminal Justice Reform Act – which began Jan 1 2017.  So what do COPS think of bail reform? It didn’t take long for bail reform to get under the skins of police officers in New Jersey. The revolving…
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Bail Reform and the Poor: Why the Truth Might Surprise You

Behind the Paper with Brian Nairin There is “one fact” out there that public sector pretrial proponents don’t want anyone to know.  And that fact is that the poor don’t really languish away in jail because of the bail bond industry. Why don’t they want anyone to know? Because that one piece of information completely discredits…
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Letter: Do New Jersey’s new government bail computers actually work?

Public should know how bail decisions made By Jeff Clayton, American Bail Coalition  New Jersey’s long-awaited bail reform laws finally kicked in on January 1, making it the first state to move to what is called a risk-based system. It works by utilizing government-operated computers running analytical software to supposedly predict whether a criminal defendant…
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BREITBART reports on "Soros-Funded Criminal Justice Reform"

Breitbart – Bail Reform: The Latest Target for Soros-Funded ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ Push Lee Stranahan – Mar 7, 2017 The so-called “bail reform movement” is part of the institutional left’s multi-pronged attack on America’s criminal justice system, and the progressive battle to do away with what they refer to as “money bail” is being fought…
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