Month: May 2017

Exposing the Dangers of Taxpayer Funded Pretrial Release

Texas legislature slams the door shut on Jersey-like bail reform – "Not in Texas"

Major Momentum Shift: Texas Legislature Squarely Rejects New Jersey-Style Bail Reform (press release by the American Bail Coalition – March 30 2017) As the gavel came down last night in Austin and the Texas Legislature adjourned sine die, a historic attempt by Senator John Whitmire and Chief Justice Nathan Hecht to undo Texas’s bail system…
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President of "Stop Child Predators" Opposes Texas Bail Reform Bill – Points Finger at New Jersey

Stacie Rumenap, President of Stop Child Predators, opposes the proposed Texas Bail Reform legislation SB 1338 – warning that “holding abusers accountable is a necessary component of the criminal justice system, and is paramount to the victim’s healing process.” “Such a measure removes the ability of victims to be heard because defendants too often fail…
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