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Exposing the Dangers of Taxpayer Funded Pretrial Release

Texas (video) – American Bail Coalition Testifies In Texas In Opposition of SB-1338 | Bail Reform

As Texas considers Bail Reform legislation – Jeff Clayton, Executive Policy Director for the American Bail Coalition, testified before the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence last week. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Texas Senate Bill 1338 Senate Bill 1338 has been introduced in Texas and would eliminate the fundamental constitutional right to bail in criminal…
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Bail Reform and Cops: "If you can't trust a Cop, who can you trust?"

In case you haven’t heard, New Jersey implemented their version of bail reform in the form of the Criminal Justice Reform Act – which began Jan 1 2017.  So what do COPS think of bail reform? It didn’t take long for bail reform to get under the skins of police officers in New Jersey. The revolving…
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Houston, TX – Concern Over Pending Bail Reform Bill Mounts As HB-3011 Set For Showdown April 17

Criminal Justice Reform, as it relates to pretrial release, will be on center stage April 17 @ 2:00 pm during a public hearing on House Bill 3011 – a Bill sponsored by Andrew Murr which is designed to promote the pretrial release of offenders…without the constraints of bail. Houston – House Bill 3011 would eliminate the fundamental constitutional right…
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Bail Reform and the Poor: Why the Truth Might Surprise You

Behind the Paper with Brian Nairin There is “one fact” out there that public sector pretrial proponents don’t want anyone to know.  And that fact is that the poor don’t really languish away in jail because of the bail bond industry. Why don’t they want anyone to know? Because that one piece of information completely discredits…
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"SurveyMonkey" Texas Survey – 77% Polled Say "NO" to Proposed Bail Reform Measures

Not In Texas…77% polled say they do NOT want offenders released simply because they are unable to post bail. A survey recently conducted by Survey Monkey revealed that most people DO NOT want bail reform coming to Texas. Click here the Full Survey  – Texas Bail Reform Survey  

LETTER: Bail Reform – Texas on My Mind

Bail Reform: Texas on My Mind Contribution by Eric Granof, VP for AIA Surety Earlier this week I received an interesting email from a colleague. The email contained a link to a brand new March 2017 study out of Texas A&M University’s Public Policy Institute. As with most documents over 100 pages, I decided, probably like…
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Letter: Do New Jersey’s new government bail computers actually work?

Public should know how bail decisions made By Jeff Clayton, American Bail Coalition  New Jersey’s long-awaited bail reform laws finally kicked in on January 1, making it the first state to move to what is called a risk-based system. It works by utilizing government-operated computers running analytical software to supposedly predict whether a criminal defendant…
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Wichita Falls, TX – Bail Reform heating up in Texas – same rhetoric with Taxpayers at Risk

Two Bills introduced in Texas take aim at bail reform and pretrial release that could leave the citizens less safe on the taxpayers dime. Bondsmen Speak Out Against Proposed Legislation Reported by the Texomas – Mar 16, 2017 WICHITA FALLS – If someone is arrested and charged with a crime in the state of Texas,…
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BREITBART reports on "Soros-Funded Criminal Justice Reform"

Breitbart – Bail Reform: The Latest Target for Soros-Funded ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ Push Lee Stranahan – Mar 7, 2017 The so-called “bail reform movement” is part of the institutional left’s multi-pronged attack on America’s criminal justice system, and the progressive battle to do away with what they refer to as “money bail” is being fought…
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