TEXAS – CALL TO ACTION: STOP Senate Bill 1338 – Criminals "Get Out of Jail FREE" Bill!-

Exposing the Dangers of Taxpayer Funded Pretrial Release

TEXAS – CALL TO ACTION: STOP Senate Bill 1338 – Criminals "Get Out of Jail FREE" Bill!-

Texas Senate Bill 1338


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  1. Beth Cardenas says:

    This would cost taxpayers millions and let dangerous criminals back on the street with no accountability. The bail bond industry does its job to secure adherence to the law with no cost to taxpayers and pay’s the penalties for any lack of compliance.

  2. John says:

    Help all tax payer of Texas

  3. KAY VINCENT says:

    i appose this bill it will RAISE our tax and I you a ELETIVE ted offical

  4. Angela Burgher says:

    Please help stop Texas Senate bill 1338. This is just going to be another train wreck created by our government at the expense of taxpayers and our already overworked law enforcement. This will also allow the crime rate to increase with no accountability to ensure that people show back up to court. Let’s keep our great state safe.

  5. Skye Santisteven says:

    I believe if they were put there then they should stay there. I do not want to go out one day to find someone who just did something that harmed someone and got a get out of jail free card and is now harming someone else because they are not being restrained from doing so. I will not feel safe and I know a lot of others that would not feel safe if this happens.

  6. JANIE says:


  7. CLINT CRAFT says:

    This is the most non transparent bill this session.

  8. Juanda Moore says:

    What are they thinking, this is will not work. Why not just open the jail doors and turn them all out. This will cost the county more money. I spoke with the Sheriff today and he left the court room headed out the find a PR bond he let go to try and find him.

  9. Debbie Crocker says:

    This Bill will be A No Accountability to Criminals on the Taxpayers dime. Who do you think will pay for the Failure To Appears an Runners that don’t show up for Court, you the Taxpayers. How will you feel with this Bill because most of these people are Repeat Offenders!!! Lock your doors if this Bill Passes because to most criminals Crime is there only Job! Vote now against this Bill!!

  10. Barbara says:

    Lot of Judges On Here….
    What will your judgement look like.. Get speck outta you and your family before you point to others…

  11. James Jones says:

    Senator Whitmire,you should have included input from the bondmen
    The way you have written this bill makes no since

  12. Cheryl says:

    If you all pass this bill what ever happens will be your fault.All of you are a bunch of dumbass’s for even alloweing this hell you put drug dealers in longer then when someone kills someone your all stupid.

    • Ann says:

      You are correct on that. I agree. My friend was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got sentenced for 20yrs in a federal prison. He didnt do anything wrong. I was beat and he only got 8yrs of probation. The system is really screwed.

  13. Raymundo Villarreal says:

    This Bill is not only dangerous and a detriment to our safety, it’s potentially deadly to victims. It could be time to recall the politicians that vote in favor of this bill. Because it’s clear our safety is not a concern for them.

  14. BUDDY MOSER says:


  15. Michelle Duff says:

    Aside from this bill potentially putting myself and other individually owned and operated bonding companies out of business, as a citizen, I oppose this bill because of the dangers it poses to our communities. We already have a lax parole and probation system that allows dangerous criminals early releases. How many times have we heard of someone on parole killing someone when they should have still been in prison at the time they committed the new crime? As a bail agent, I can tell you that our already lax personal recognissence bonds and pretrial release bonds offered to inmates carry the highest rate of forfeiture (people jumping bail by skipping court). This will cost millions and further overwelm already overloaded warrants officers.



  17. zoe Kenemore says:

    This will put us all in harms way, especially the children. Cost the tax payer more in taxes, and justice will never be served.

  18. Judy maples says:

    Not only will this effect. The bond companies, but the courts,the attorney long givity fund to keep good attorneys.
    The clerks will lose lots of BF income that bond companies pay
    It will through lots of people into financial ruin.
    Keep in mi d that if o e your. Family members is terrible assaulted and he is arrested and back out on the street within a matter
    Of hours looking for another victim. If this passes it will be disaster. Judy. Bail bo do by judy. Amarillo texas

  19. Fred Griffin says:

    Say No to Senate Bill 1338 ! Say No To Bail Reform !

  20. Everett Kramar says:

    This bill 1338 will cost a lot of jobs and over load the justice system crimanal will have no countability

  21. Enrique Lima says:

    This makes no sense! Why would you let someone out of jail just like that! If they commit a crime they need to pay for it.

  22. Amanda says:

    Please help stop Texas Senate bill 1338. Do you want the crime rate to increase with no accountability to ensure “criminals” go to court and take responsibility for their actions. Our government has enough in their plate! Our law enforcement has enough on their plate their are overworked as it is!! Who’s going to pay for all of this ” WE THE PEOPLE” “the criminals” AND your taking jobs away from families. This is not right!!! Justice will never be served!!! There are plenty of repeat offenders. This will cost US tax payers!! THIS IS DANGEROUS FOR OUR FAMILIES, OUR COMMUNITIES, do NOT pass this bill

  23. Paulette says:

    I too, want to add what has already been said. It will cost millions to the taxpayer. It will take responsibility and accountability away from those that need to be accountable. This would also take away the livelihood of those that are trying to provide for their families. If this bill is passed, it will have a ripple effect that could produce a tidal wave. DO NOT PASS THIS BILL!

  24. Gene Hartman says:

    Just one more example of politicians trying to build a bigger, less effective, more costly and less efficient bureaucracy at a cost to private businesses.

  25. Teresa J says:

    This Bill needs to be shot down. This will be just another problem added to the already broken judicial system. A bail bondsman’s job is to keep up with these criminals, and to make sure they go to court. Who is going to do that if this passes? Either no one will monitor them, or an already broken system will attempt to monitor them. We have some law enforcement departments that are already running on fumes, so why add an unnecessary task to their already full to-do list? A bail bondsman monitors the defendants at absolutely zero cost to the taxpayers, so if you do away with them, where is the money going to come from for the judicial system and law enforcement to attempt to monitor them? That’s right, the taxpayers will foot the bill. The last thing the State of Texas needs is for criminals to be allowed to run around freely to do as they wish. If a person knows that they can commit a crime, get arrested, then turn around and get out for free, it is not too far-fetched to think that the crime rate will increase, possibly leading to more dangerous and violent crimes. It is one thing to steal a pair of shoes from a store, but if you know you are going to get out of jail for free, why not rob an old man at gunpoint? I mean, you can get out of jail for free right? You really don’t even have to go to court to be held accountable. You rob the old man, go back to jail, get out free, miss court, get rearrested. Maybe they keep you, maybe they let you out again for free. All of this at the expense of good citizens that pay taxes and do not commit crimes. This Bill is a train-wreck waiting to happen!

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